Our mission

The Company CTILG.
CTILG is born in 2005, dedicated to communication with the deaf community. We provide services of translation, dissemination and development of materials in sign language. In 2010, we launched the first Portuguese sign language dictionary. In 2013, we were awarded the "Merit Diploma – accessibility and mobility for all- the State of the nation" and recognized as one of the 50 best good practices in the promotion of universal accessibility in Portugal.

The platform
A groundbreaking platform - Hands to discover
The accessible tourism constitutes a competitive advantage for Portugal. We have created an innovative system with national and international responses that enable true accessibility and autonomy in places of tourist interest to deaf citizens who plan their leisure time.
The www.handstodiscover.com platform is easy and intuitive access to help overcome the barriers of communication. Offers Portugal in an "accessible display window" to the level of Receptivity, culture, history, heritage and gastronomy.



Travel to Portugal is easier
The planning of leisure or business travel is one-click away. We have information about places, scheduling, choice of points of interest, included in both deaf citizens like those who want to travel to Portugal. Users also have the option of being accompanied by a certified sign language interpreter.
The www.handstodiscover.com platform helps your choice in decision-making and later in your stay, making communication easier for all, whether deaf or hard-of-hearing, having knowledge of sign language or not.