Peneda-Gerês National Park and Northern Portugal Travel Specialists. From the northern mountains to the Atlantic coast, we invite you to discover an unknown and authentic Portugal.
Basing our programs on the very best of our natural heritage supported by services of excellence.

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  • Travel with Go2Nature to Northern Portugal and Peneda -Gerês National Park, with the confidence of being advised by an expert team that will offer the best services at all times.

    Our Values
    - respect for natural and cultural values. These are the pillars for realising a unique and authentic experience, their preservation and protection are fundamental to us.
     - honesty, trust, integrity and transparency above economic gain, as the basis of the relationship with our partners. Our service contracts have clearly defined conditions for the provision of the same, we are always available to resolve and answer any doubts which may arise.
    - Treat all customers as travellers and not as tourists. Sharing our natural wealth, culture and traditions in an authentic and integrated way is the aim of our trips. We seek to make sure that all experiences occur in a genuine context. For this reason we work with small groups in order to ensure the tailoring of each of our trips to travellers’ needs.
     - the authenticity of our products (nature, heritage, culture, human values)

  • Rua D. Manuel I, s/n
    4980 - 649 Ponte da Barca

  • Lat:41° 48.502, Long:41° 48.502

    Rua D. Manuel I, s/n
    4980 - 649 Ponte da Barca

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